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TacticalRash reviews Catan (X360)

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TacticalRash said...

This game stays true to the classic board game it is based on. Great solo to practice strategies against the computer or against others on XBOX live. Although, difficulty setting are broken. The computer strategies don't get stronger, they just get luckier with die rolls. I am excited to see if they release any of the Catan expansions to download with it.

Game Traits applied to Catan (X360) by TacticalRash

  • The Setting:
    board game
  • Playing As:
  • Playing Against:
    online players
  • How it's Played:
    board game, strategy, Trading
  • General Tone:

Catan (X360)

Genre/Style: Traditional/Board Game
Release Date: 02/MAY/07
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I don't think they're going to release any of the expansions any time soon. The game has been out for ages without any updates
Yeah, I know. Wishful thinking. I own all the expansions to the board game, but my friends and family find them too complicated. Online play would get me my nights and Cities fix once in a while.
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